We’re passionate about providing the very best service, every time

Your peace of mind is of paramount importance to us, not least because much of our plumbing and heating work comes from existing customers and their recommendations. This is why we have our company policies in place, to protect you and ensure our service is always of the highest levels.

Our company mission is to exceed your expectations

  • All of our operatives have photo IDs stating their name.

  • All our team are all fully qualified and experienced in their respective trades.

  • All our plumbers and engineers wear clean corporate uniforms and drive our ECS branded vehicles.

  • We check all of our operatives’ driving records with DVLA.
  • All ECS plumbers and engineers are fully insured and have appropriate tax and NI records in place.
  • All work carried out by ECS Heating and Plumbing is guaranteed.

The ECS Guarantee

All work carried out by ECS Heating and Plumbing carries a guarantee, valid for 12 months from the date that the work is completed.
Our workmanship is covered by this 12 month guarantee. Materials supplied by ECS are covered by the respective manufacturers’ warranties, and these manufacturers’ warranties range from 1 to 7 years.
Full terms and conditions of your guarantee are clearly stated on our invoices. Contact us for a copy if you wish to see this in advance.

ECS Heating & Plumbing Charges

All our charges are transparent. We will give you an estimated or fixed quote when you book us and a VAT invoice is produced for each job. We always charge fairly for our work and we do not overcharge. In the unlikely event that any operative is found to have disregarded this policy, they will immediately be dismissed and the overcharging addressed.

Operative Time Tracking and Working Hours

We promise that we will not carry out unnecessary work, nor charge for unnecessary time. We will not charge for excessive collection time, nor will we mark-up materials beyond our stated 20% maximum. We track our operatives’ time and keep records of all materials purchased, so that any issues can be investigated and rectified.

Daily Rates and Fixed Price Rates

Our operatives will work a full 9-hour day if the job is quoted on a day rate. We will not charge for lunch or tea break time, or ad hoc time away from the job. We will ensure that any fixed price work is within 10% of what the job would have cost at an hourly rate. For full details of costs for our fixed price various servicing options, see our Charges page.

ECS Client Confidentiality and Data Security

We take customer confidentiality very seriously: under no circumstances will any customers details be passed on to any third party.

Any information is held in strict accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Any keys left with us will be kept securely.

Customer Communications

We promise to communicate fully and regularly with our customers, ensuring you know exactly what we are doing. We supply a comprehensive description of the work and a full breakdown of labour and materials. If our operatives have to leave the site, they will explain to you why and for how long they will be gone.

Call Us for Further Information

If you would like any more information regarding our guarantee, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01420 571000.

Similarly, if you engage us to do a job and subsequently have any questions whatsoever, please contact our office immediately.


Our general terms and conditions can be seen here.
Read our privacy policy regarding data usage here.

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