Qettle Original Boiling Water Tap


Award-winning QETTLE Original gives you four flows from a single spout. 100°C boiling water, cold filtered water, plus normal hot and cold flows.


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Easy to Use, Safe to Use

Safe, yet intuitive, QETTLE boiling water taps couldn’t be easier to use. 100°C boiling water or cold filtered water is dispensed by using the round handle. For boiling water, the tap’s safety clip must be removed. Then, you press the button and turn the handle clockwise. To dispense cold, filtered drinking water, the handle is turned anti-clockwise.

Normal hot and cold flows of water are dispensed using the lever handle.

Complete System

QETTLE taps come as part of a complete system that includes your choice of boiler tank – 2L, 4L or 7L – an undersink filter system and your QETTLE’s first filter cartridge.

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Why complicate things?

How Does QETTLE Work?

QETTLE is surprisingly simple. Underneath the sink, there’s a compact boiler tank and a filter system. The efficient, insulated tank maintains its volume of water at 100°C. The filter system removes unpleasant contaminants such as chlorine from the flow of drinking water, whilst also minimising the damaging effect of limescale on the boiler tank’s element.

On top, it’s the tech inside the tap that’s really clever. QETTLE conceals four waterways, through which 100°C boiling water, filtered drinking water, plus normal hot and cold water travel.

Installation Checklist

  • Connection to a mains water supply, with both the hot and the cold water having a pressure between 1.5 Bar and 5 Bar for a QETTLE Original, or a cold water supply between 1.5 and 5 Bar for a QETTLE Mini.
  • A standard 13 Amp plug socket to plug in your boiler tank.
  • The ability to shut off the water.
  • An under sink waste pipe already in place.
  • Room for your boiler under the sink.
  • A 35mm hole for the tap and space behind the tap.

What Size Boiler Do I Need?

Family Size Small Medium Large
Litre Capacity 2 4 7
Cups 4 8 14
Minutes to Recovery 10 10 15

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Tap price – £697.00
Deposit – £73.00
12 monthly Installments – £52.00


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