Air Source Heat Pump Service


The importance of getting your Air Source Heat Pump serviced

It will help your system to perform at its best and prolong its life
It may save you money on repairs and poor performance by detecting faults early, especially if the engineer finds a faulty part that is still under warranty
Most manufacturers’ warranties are only valid if your heat pump is regularly serviced
It reduces the likelihood of breakdowns
It might be a requirement of your home insurance


Included in your annual service

Includes Unvented Cylinder Service
Check the expansion vessel charge pressure and top up as necessary.
Check valves for freedom of movement, confirm that the water stops and both valves reset correctly.
Check and clean the heat pump circuit filter.
Open the primary/heating system safety valve and check that it discharges safely.
Check and if necessary top up the concentration of the heating system anti-freeze.
Check the primary/heating system pressure does not rise above the recommended value.
Check and release any air from the primary/heating systems.
Check correct rating and type of fuse is fitted on the electrical supply.
Check for the correct operation and temperature setting of the thermostats.
Check the operation of the motorised valves.
Issue annual service certificate.

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