Under Floor Heating Manifold Service


Although underfloor heating is largely maintenance-free, regular servicing is highly recommended. It’s always better to regularly maintain a system to ensure it’s constantly running smoothly and efficiently.

Servicing allows us to proactively look out for signs of any failure in the heating system, and offer tips to maximise the efficiency of your heating.
Being proactive like this is much better than waiting for a fault to occur, and then having to reactively resolve the issue. In most cases, this can be more expensive and lead to the heating not working as effectively (or at all!) until it is fixed, which is far from ideal in the depths of winter.

Our engineer will carry out the following works on the service

  • Clean Flow Meters
  • Check Pump Function
  • Set Up Flow Meters
  • Set Up Flow Temperature
  • Check Manifolds for any leaks

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