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Samsung has announced the UK launch of the company’s most advanced air source heat pump to date, the EHS Mono HT Quiet.

It is the company’s next generation high temperature, low noise heat pump, said to be ideal at a time when many consumers, self-builders, and developers are looking to make homes and buildings more energy efficient for the future.

With demand increasing, Samsung has brought a durable and sleek low carbon heating solution to the sector which is designed to disrupt the status quo and showcase how sustainable heating systems can co-exist with the latest in architectural design and innovation. 

With so many homes in the UK using radiators which require hot water temperatures of 65°C or more to heat rooms effectively, there’s been a perception that heat pumps (which normally operate at temperatures between 40-60°C) won’t suffice. However, with Samsung’s EHS Mono HT Quiet, which can consistently provide hot water of up to 70°C for domestic heating purposes, older residential spaces that have been heated by gas boilers now have a viable way to transition to heat pumps, according to the company.

Commenting on the launch, Wim Vangeenberghe, President, Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe, said: “With the Future Homes Standard requiring new build homes in the UK to be future proofed with low carbon heating by 2025, change is afoot and we’re likely to see an acceleration in the switch from fossil fuel heating systems to more energy efficient heat pumps.

“High temperature heat pumps are presenting an interesting alternative for homeowners looking to move away from traditional heating solutions, such as gas boilers, without compromising on performance. With the launch of the new EHS Mono HT Quiet, we’re proud to offer the UK market an innovative low carbon heating solution that can help them take that important step forward.”

Other features of the new Samsung HT Quiet heat pump include:

  • Quiet Mark certification – the heat pump features a double-layered sound insulation system that blocks and absorbs noise produced by system vibrations, operating at noise levels as low as 35 d(BA) – making the unit Quiet Mark certified
  • High levels of energy efficiency – the EHS Mono HT Quiet has a SCOP of A+++ energy efficiency rating
  • Sleek design – the unit is styled in a dark grey colour which complements outdoor facades
  • Ready for smart living – the unit can be remotely controlled from a phone with Samsung SmartThings, allowing people to monitor energy usage daily, weekly, and monthly at a glance.

Joseph Raftery, Heating Product Manager at Samsung Climate Solutions, added: “The HT Quiet is a huge step forward in the greener heating journey, helping to take the UK closer towards net-zero ambitions with appropriate government and industry support. Not only can it match boiler leaving water temperatures and is our quietest unit yet, we’ve also stress tested our new heat pump to reliably provide 100% heating performance, even in extremely cold weather as low as -25°C, so this is technology you can rely on.”

The EHS Mono HT Quiet is the first in Samsung’s premium high temperature heat pump line up. It will be available in the UK from the start of November in three capacities (8, 12, and 14KW), including both the single and three-phase power supply system. All capacities will come in the same chassis.


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